Moa Images (formerly Kea Images) holds a collection of images illustrating some of the natural wonders, places, wildlife and special moments encountered in our wonderful world. It also provides a simple educational resource about nature and its gems.

Following millions of years of evolution, actual Moa were exterminated in just a few hundred years or less after the recent colonisation of New Zealand by man (c1300 AD) and his hunting and burning of habitat. The destructive nature of man's global exploitation has barely ceased to this day and we are primarily responsible for the vast majority of ongoing extinctions happening before our very eyes. I hope this website can contribute to our understanding of, and to value and ultimately protect, the natural world.

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Ross Curtis is a freelance photographer based in Otago, New Zealand. When not filming nature he can be available as a photographer for a wide range of freelance work. Ross's photographic expertise, equipment, attention to detail, drive and patience to get the perfect picture ensures a high quality finish to any assignment. For all enquiries please call or email us.

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